A new Web site for adult stem cell research

www.stemcellresearchfacts.org is part of a campaign to educate and spread awareness about the potentials and successes of adult stem cell therapies. It includes three videos that present the stories of people who have been saved or helped by adult stem cells. It was created by the Family Research Council and SaintMax Worldwide.

***Glossary of Stem Cell Terms:

Adult Stem Cell: A stem cell from organs and tissues, usually after birth (including umbilical cord and placenta), that can renew itself and transform into other specialized cell types.

Embryonic germ cell
: A cell in the embryo/fetus that normally develops into mature gametes.

Embryonic stem cell
: A cell from the inner mass of cells of a blastocyst, with the potential to become most or all of the body tissues.

Multipotent: Capable of giving rise to several specialized cells or tissues of an organism.

Pluripotent: Capable of giving rise to most tissues of the adult body.

Reposed with permission from Stemcellresearchfacts.org.

For more see E. Christian Brugger, "Stem Cells for Dummies,"in ZE09032410 - 2009-03-24, available online at http://www.zenit.org/article-25472?l=english, Web. November 21, 2010.

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