The French abortion pill RU 486 - Drug used to assault women...

"RU 486, the abortion pill, is used to cause chemical abortions in early pregnancy. Since its controversial approval by the FDA in September of 2000, it can be prescribed to pregnant women of any age, even teenagers. Led by pro-abortion feminists in the 1990’s, the fervent sales pitch for its approval called for a safe, effective, inexpensive and accessible abortifacient. According to Planned Parenthood’s Alexander Sanger, it represented “one of the most important victories for women in this century.” To Kate Michelman of NARAL, it was the “biggest thing since the birth control pill.” All rhetoric aside, the reality of RU 486 is that after nearly ten years on the market, this “victory for women” has taken 7 American women’s lives (that we know of), caused serious complications in hundreds of others, and provided a new instrument for the abuse of women." (by Susan W. Enouen, P.E.)
*More at: http://www.lifeissues.org/ru486/index.html

Or see the story like this: Episode 22: RU 486?
(http://www.facinglife.tv/episode/season_2/episode_22/episode_222.html) "Rebecca Frech and her husband were expecting their fifth child in the summer of 2006 when Rebecca experienced some complications. Their child had died in utero. Immediate action needed to be taken to ensure no infection would ensue. Rebecca was given the choice of using RU 486 to induce labor. Considering this seemed like the safest option, she decided to move forward.

Being the natural birth mother of four children she thought she knew what to expect. After taking the first half of RU 486, Mifeprex, Rebecca was told it’d be about 24 hours before she began to go into labor. She asked if she could leave the hospital and come back when the contractions began. The attending physician said no because there was a chance she could bleed to death. After taking Cytotec –a drug used in the treatment of stomach ulcers and not approved by the FDA to be used on pregnant women, and is also the second part of the RU 486 drug series Rebecca began to experience intense side effects.

Over the next seven hours Rebecca passed blood clots that ranged from the size of a chicken egg to the size of her fist. She experience a severe migraine and contractions that radiated throughout her body. At one point Rebecca remembers sharing her fear with her husband that she would not be walking out of the hospital – she feared this was the end. Eventually she delivered their stillborn child. It was not until after the process was over that Rebecca was told they had blood on stand-by for her in the event she needed a transfusion."

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