A Day In The Life Of - poem by M. A. Threlfall

A Day In The Life Of?

I have a right to life
To be cared for, and loved.
I have a right to share,
In the equality of God's love
I am an embryo
Threatened with extinction.
I am a person
In my own right.
Who may one day
Achieve distinction.
I am the person next door
I am the person in the stre
Who you walk past
Giving no more than a glance,
Giving no more than a chance
Than any other soul.
And yet to achieve my goal
I need communication.
I need company
Not desolation,
I am disabled
I can live with labels
As long as you take the time
To try and understand.
I am first and foremost
A human being.
And God's plan for me
Is just as important
As his plan for you.
I can, and do communicate
Whenever I am given the chance to.
Don't be afraid,
I will not bite,
I will not bore you with my plight,
I will welcome your friendship
It will help to bring a little light
Into a darkened space!

Submitted by M A Threlfall

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