Bioethics issues today

In the previous blogs I mentioned some important authors and publications in the bioethics. Today, let us continue in our research and let us present some important issues in the bioethics today.

Bioethics issues include:
* Abortion, reproductive rights
* Artificial insemination
* Artificial life
* Biopiracy
* Circumcision
* Contraception
* Cloning
* Cryonics
* Brain-computer interface
* Donating one's sperm or eggs
* Donated organs when bought illegally (transplant trade)
* Eugenics
* Fair allocation of donated organs, class and race biases
* Drug pricing, HIV/AIDs drugs in Sub-Saharan Africa
* Genetic engineering, genetically modified food crops
* Genomics
* Homosexuality
* Human cloning
* Medical torture
* Non-human animal cloning
* Immortality
* Treating infertility
* Obligations of the individual, corporate employer, local, sub-national or national state and global community to provide health care and/or health insurance.
* Primate rights under law
* Stem cell cloning
* Suicide, assisted suicide and human euthanasia
* Non-human animal euthanasia
* Pain management
* Parthenogenesis
* Population control
* Recreational drug use
* Reprogenetics
* Scientific ignorance
* Selling one's own blood or blood plasma
* Spiritual drug use
* Transhumanism
* Transexuality
* When to use, and when to withhold, life-support
* When to use, and when to withhold, artificial hydration and artificial nutrition
* Use of surrogate mothers
* Use of nanotechnology as medical treatment
* Use of artificial wombs
* Treating non-human animals
* Medical research on non-human animals
* Confidentiality of medical records and their abuse in interrogation of prisoners
Importantly, bioethicists focus on using theology and philosophy to help analyze said concerns, though bioethics is becoming increasingly interdisciplinary. To be continue.

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