Middle East crisis appeal

Dear friends,

Thousands of people are suffering and years of development work is at risk of being undone in the latest humanitarian crisis to hit the Middle East.

Our partners in the Middle East are at the forefront of the current crisis which is affecting civilians in Lebanon, Israel and Gaza.

In Lebanon, where thousands of people are on the move after intensive bombing, partners are providing food, water, medicine and accommodation.

In Gaza, air-raids have damaged electricity and water supplies. Clean water is scarce and there is an increased threat of disease from untreated sewage.

With our help our partners in the region will be able to provide water tanks to affected areas and distribute food or medicines to the poorest families.

We'll be involved in the long-term, helping rebuild affected communities and re-establish our partners' development work.

Please give as much as you can to this appeal.

Donate online here: www.christianaid.org.uk/middle_east/

Thank you.

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