Bioethics and Film by the Stanford Center of Bioethics

For those interested in bioethics and film documentaries, here are some suggestions for excellent bioethics movies on "how think deeply about important issues in healthcare and improve care" from the Stanford University Center for Biomedical Ethics, Stanford, CA, USA.

1."Grainger-Monsen’s most recent work, Hold Your Breath, is a haunting documentary that exposes the tragic consequences of cross-cultural miscommunication. This dramatic face off between ancient Islamic traditions and contemporary medical technology follows the dramatic journey of an Afghan refugee family, as cultures collide over medical treatment of their father’s illness. The film, which is scheduled for national broadcast on PBS in Spring 2007, has attracted national media attention, including a Newsweek cover story and a story on ABC World News Tonight with the late Peter Jennings."

2."Hold Your Breath evolved out of Grainger-Monsen’s last project, Worlds Apart, a series of four short films, produced for medical education, that explore cultural conflicts over medical treatment. Shot in patients' homes, neighborhoods, and places of worship, hospital wards and community clinics, Worlds Apart provides a penetrating look at both the patient's culture and the culture of modern medicine."

3."The Vanishing Line, a feature documentary broadcast nationally on PBS’ award winning POV series, poses the question: “When does life become a fate worse than death?” An intensely personal look at sustaining life at any cost, the film takes Dr. Grainger-Monsen on a quest to discover the "art of dying" in a world that taught her how to prolong life, but offered few prescriptions for treating death."

*For more see: http://medethicsfilms.stanford.edu/

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