Death and dying...

I would like to recommend the following article/video titled as "What doctors don't learn about death and dying" from TEDTalks about death and dying:

"This reality has been largely hidden, as the final phases of life become less familiar to people. As recently as 1945, most deaths occurred in the home. By the 1980s, just 17 percent did. Those who somehow did die at home likely died too suddenly to make it to the hospital — say, from a massive heart attack, stroke or violent injury — or were too isolated to get somewhere that could provide help."

"Dying and death confront every new doctor and nurse. The first times, some cry. Some shut down. Some hardly notice. When I saw my first deaths, I was too guarded to cry. But I dreamt about them..."

More at: http://ideas.ted.com/death-and-the-missing-piece-of-medical-school/ 

Another good TEDTalks about death: http://ideas.ted.com/how-to-answer-the-question-am-i-dying/

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