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Does love have anything to do with the human body, with being a man or a woman? Is there anything unique about married love? What is marriage? The answers to these questions can be found in very unique video done by The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' Ad Hoc Committee for the Defense of Marriage that has launched a new initiative for the protection of marriage. See more at http://www.marriageuniqueforareason.org/sexual-difference-video/.

“Made for Each Other,” the first video of the Marriage: Unique for a Reason series, takes up these and other foundational questions about the meaning of marriage. Marriage is about love, but it’s about a unique love that only a man and a woman as husband and wife can give to each other. In the video, Josh and Carrie talk about why men and women matter for marriage. Their dialogue and interactions illuminate the beauty of sexual difference and complementarity between man and woman as husband and wife. Only through sexual difference can a husband and a wife give themselves completely to one another – so completely that “the two become one flesh” (Gen 2:24). True marital union is not possible without sexual difference.

This is why sexual difference is essential to marriage. Sexual difference is the necessary starting point for understanding why protecting and promoting marriage as the union of one man and one woman isn’t arbitrary or discriminatory. Rather, it’s a matter of justice, truth, love, and real freedom. Only a man and a woman—at every level of their identity: biological, physiological, emotional, social, spiritual—are capable of authentically speaking the language of married love, that is, the language of total self-gift, open to the gift of the other and the gift of life. (Please see the second video “Made for Life,” which explores the topic of marriage and children.)

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