40 Years of the Culture of Death by Archbishop Samuel Aquila

I would like to share a very interesting testimony by Archbishop Samuel Aquila, the new archbishop of Denver, where he recalls his own personal experience with abortion.

"I went to college in 1968 with the idea of becoming a doctor, like my father," the archbishop begins.
He recounts how his first three years of college were spent working as a hospital orderly: "At that time, some states had approved abortion laws that I wasn't even aware of. Because of those laws, when I was in college I witnessed the results of two abortions.
"The first was in a surgical unit. I walked into an outer room and in the sink, unattended, was the body of small unborn child who had been aborted. I remember being stunned. I remember thinking that I had to baptize that child.
"The second abortion was more shocking. A young woman came into the emergency room screaming. She explained that she had had an abortion already. When the doctor sent her home, he told her she would pass the remains naturally. She was bleeding as the doctor, her boyfriend, the nurse and I placed her on a table.
"I held a basin as the doctor retrieved a tiny arm, a tiny leg and then the rest of the broken body of a tiny unborn child. I was shocked. I was saddened for the mother and child, for the doctor and the nurse. None of us would have participated in such a thing were it not an emergency. I witnessed a tiny human being destroyed by violence."
Archbishop Aquila said the memories of those events haunt him. "In the abortions I witnessed, powerful people made decisions that ended the lives of small, powerless, children. Through lies and manipulation, children were seen as objects."
"I witnessed the death of two small people who never had the chance to take a breath," the prelate wrote. "I can never forget that. And I have never been the same. My faith was weak at the time. But I knew by reason, and by what I saw, that a human life was destroyed."

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