Haiti Emergency!!!

God also suffers because of the deaths in Haiti

*Message from the executive director concerning the Haiti emergency

One is inevitably at a loss for words to speak of a tragedy of such scale as the humanitarian crisis that has just afflicted our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

Many of us have close ties with the country, and are anxiously awaiting news from people we care about. At the same time, the media images being thrown at us of suffering, hunger, sadness and despair, and the fear and insecurity of the uncertain future, can make us feel anxious and powerless.

And yet, we are the fortunate ones.

Because we, at Development and Peace, know that we can help.

We have witnessed, over the past few days, an outpouring of support from our faithful members, donors and friends in our network within the Catholic Church in Canada, encouraging us to fulfill our mission of mercy and compassion, backing us in our initiative to quickly and efficiently provide emergency humanitarian aid to the victims of the earthquake.

It is truly inspiring to witness spontaneous acts of generosity springing up across the country in the rapidly growing list of dioceses and parishes organizing to collect funds in support of our mission and our partners’ work.

In this dark hour of tragedy, when the people of Haiti may feel most alone, wounded and abandoned, our thoughts, our prayers, and our voice of solidarity are being heard and felt both here and in Haiti. We all need to recognize the power and importance of these thoughts and prayers, in equal importance with the donations being received. Our prayers go out, not only for the victims and survivors, but also for the courageous selfless people who are working day and night to help them. They, too, need our support.

It is the eve of the departure for Haiti of our own two Development and Peace staff members, who must prepare for what they will see and feel. They will join in the important task of laying the foundation for our work in assisting to rebuild lives, livelihoods and communities in the stricken country. We assure them that our thoughts and prayers are their constant companions during their difficult and challenging journey.

Their mission is one of bringing our solidarity and compassion to our partners as we begin to work together in the long and arduous task of reconstruction. Here in Canada we have the responsibility to continue offering Canadians with the opportunity to transform their generosity into concrete action in a spirit of faith and hope in our common humanity.

Michael Casey
Executive Director

To make online donations go to: http://www.devp.org/devpme/eng/international/haiti-eng.html

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