The Gardener of God

There is a new movie which I recommend to see it. Really didactic for all interested in genetics and fr. Gregory Mendel - the priest-scientist who discovered genetics. Gregor Mendel (1822 – 1884) is the father of the modern genetics. He was a catholic priest who lived in the XIXth century in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The film describes his struggle to change the fiscal policy applied to the monasteries in his country, his desire to make people understand his huge discovery; his beautiful spiritual friendship with the princess Hanna von Limburg.

He was a man of contemplation and of action: A good priest. He is handsome, charitable and dedicated to God. Erica would like to seduce him, but Hanna is there, a good friend for both of them… She helps Erica to become a spiritual woman and shows Mendel how to spread the knowledge of his discovery all over the world…

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