The "bigger picture" of Bioethics today II.

My friends, last month I presented to you some of the books published on bioethics (primary Roman Catholic), which in my judgment provide basic "bigger picture" what bioethics examine and offer. Today I want to add some important articles for introduction to Constructive Theology and Theological Bioethics in relation to reproductive decision-making:

1. "Can Theology Have a Role in "Public" Bioethical Discourse?" by Lisa Sowle Cahill
2. "Salvation and Health: Why Medicine Needs the Church" by Stanley Hauerwas
3. "Theology Confronts Technology and the Life Sciences" by James M. Gustafson
4. "The Transcendence of God and the Value of Human Life" by James M. Gustafson
5. "Toward Freedom from Value" by Richard Stith
6. "Four Indicators of Humanhood-the Enquiry Matures" by Joseph F. Fletcher
7. "The Basis of Medicine and Religion: Respect for Persons" by David C. Thomasma

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