Holy and Happy Easter 2008 !

“Stay with us Lord, for it is getting toward evening and the day is now nearly over.”(Lk 24:29)

Stay with us Lord, keep us company, even though we have not always recognized you.

Stay with us, because all around us the shadows are deepening, and you are the Light; discouragement is eating its way into our hearts: make them burn with the certainty of Easter. We are tired of the journey, but you comfort us in the breaking of bread, so that we are able to proclaim to our brothers and sisters that you have truly risen and have entrusted us with the mission of being witnesses to your resurrection.

Stay with us, Lord, when mists of doubt, weariness or difficulty rise up around our Catholic faith; you are Truth itself, you are the one who reveals the Father to us: enlighten our minds with your Word, and help us experience the beauty of believing in you.

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