Christmas is the feast day of a Child...

Christ is revealed only to a few witnesses, and that at dead of night. Further, while God had at hand many of rank and high ability as witnesses,He puts them aside and simply chooses shepherds, of little account with men, of no reckoning...If we desire to come to Christ,we must not be ashamed to follow those whom God chose, from the sheep dung,to bring down the pride of the world.

Christmas is a feast for believers; it is a feast for those who really believe in the divinity of Jesus; for those who really believe that this little child is actually the Christ—the Messiah who was foretold so long ago. It is a feast for those who follow his teaching and who have committed themselves to observing his commands.

We celebrate not so much the birth of a baby as the first appearance in the world of our Saviour. We, who without him would be slaves to sin, joyfully celebrate the anniversary of the birth of our salvation. This is not bonhomie, this is serious joy—if you can say such a thing—it is joy for a purpose, joy for a real reason, joy because our Divine Saviour is here amongst us.

Wonderful Christmas time to You my friends!

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