Good movies for summer 2007

What are some really good movies for this summer? Let me give you a really good tips:


April 6th 1994: a bloody genocide in central Africa gets underway.In just one hundred spring days, a million Rwandan Tutsis were massacred by their fellow Hutu countrymen and a small African country was turned into a charnel house. The barbarity was beyond imagination. But not beyond prevention. The UN was there, watching. Watching but not acting. And at the heart of it all a British priest and his young acolyte were forced to confront the depths of their faith, the limits of their courage and, ultimately, to make a choice. To remain with their people or to run away. SHOOTING DOGS was awarded the 2006 Grand Prize and $100,000 at The Crystal Heart Awards Gala, the climax of the Heartland Film Festival. The film's writer David Wolstencroft was presented with the award by legendary actor Jon Voight. This is a particularly significant award for the film with the US release now scheduled for early 2007. You have to see it: http://www.beyondthegates-movie.com/

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