New Site for Adult Stem Cell Resources

There is a new Web site is detailing success stories in adult stem cell research:
www.stemcellresearchfacts.org is part of a campaign to educate and spread awareness about the potentials and successes of adult stem cell therapies.It was created by the Family Research Council and SaintMax Worldwide. The site is just the first phase of the project, a statement from the Catholic Medical Association reported. It includes three videos that present the stories of people who have been saved or helped by adult stem cells.

Amy Daniels tells how she has survived systemic scleroderma. The parents of Joseph Davis tell how their second child was able to save Joseph from sickle cell anemia. And Laura Dominguez affirms that thanks to adult stem cells, she is going to walk again after a car accident that left her paralyzed. The new site was launched Saturday in Kansas City.
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Source: http://www.zenit.org/article-27581?l=english

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