Somebody send me this email and I think is really powerfull. Please read it:

My mommy just broke my heart today,
I asked her if she wanted to play,
She said she had made some other plans,
so I bowed my head sadly and cried in my hands.

I tried to be strong as I often have been,
but when she chooses drugs, alcohol, and men over me,
I can’t help but wonder “God, why is this the way it just has to be?”

Mommy what have I done for you to treat me this way?
I’ve been a good girl, I cleaned up all day.
I want to be hugged and loved like the others,
I’m tired of searching for substitute mothers!

I’m tired of all the shame that I feel,
when strangers who wouldn’t have otherwise known,
ask “Where is your mother now that you are grown?”
And all I can do is just smile and say,

I once had a mother I know that to be,
For otherwise there’d be no Mary, and of course that’s me!”
There’d be no wonderful Hubby and children to love,
to worship our God in the Heavens above.

So, I will accept all this madness Mommy,
as confusing as it may be,
because MY children have just asked ME to play,
and I must be moving on to hug them,
as I couldn’t imagine it any other way!

Love, Your little girl

(Child Abuse/Neglect Survivor)

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